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A powerful software that allows you to download videos from 20.000+ websites, including Allocine.fr, ITV, BBC iPlayer, FOX, YouTube, Vimeo & convert them to popular video formats like MPEG-4, MKV, MP3.

  • Downloads MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3
  • Download whole YouTube playlist
  • Support for RTMP, HDS & HLS protocols and VOD files downloads
  • Link Finder with Chrome mode, IE mode, Android mode, iOS mode

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ChrisPC Free VideoTube YouTube Downloader Converter

How to download videos from Allocine.fr

Last Update: August 7, 2015

From now on you can bring your favorite videos, programmes or TV shows from Allocine.fr with you when you are offline: on the beach in a remote island or when flying.

How to do that? Simple just download ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro, launch it and power on the Link Finder Engine in Chrome Mode.

Video Link Finder detects streaming protocols like RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol), HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming - F4M), HLS (HTTP Live Streaming - M3U8) and VOD files (Video-On-Demand files like MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC etc).

Go to Allocine.fr website and search for your favorite programme or TV show, that you want to watch later, Link Finder engine detects and displays all URLs to video content, indicating the video type and the URL where the video content is located for each video found. You have then the option to add the URLs to the download list and start the downloads.

The Link Finder engine is powered by its own browser for a light access to the video platforms or websites. Having embedded a multi-tab enabled web browser with light fingerprint, it is suitable for identifying the media URLs for the video content that you are looking for. Its intuitive interface gives you the option to enter the URL of the website or video platform you want to browse, supporting 20.000+ websites.

If you want to put your videos on your iPhone/iPad/Smartphone/Tablet or convert the videoclip to a high-quality MP3 file for your MP3 player or other video formats, you just have to enable the "Convert downloaded videos to" and select the format you want your Vimeo video to be converted.

Using the blue/download/down-arrow icon you can start the download and convert process for a selected video from the list. Or you can start the download and convert process for all videos from the list by pressing the button "Process all files from list". Progress is shown per each video downloaded and overall, in the statics box from the right side below.

You can easily record live stream from YouTube, live game streams from Twitch.tv, record live streams from ustream.tv and record live stream from livestream.com.


ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro is a shareware with a trial period of 14 days. Trial period is subject to certain known limitations described below:

  • Only 50% of the RTMP files will be downloaded.
  • 5 minutes length limitation of the downloaded video files for the F4M and M3U8 URLs detected by the Link Finder engine.
  • For some websites only the medium and low quality videos will be available for download.
  • Only first 15 videos of YouTube Playlists will be added.
  • Download only files smaller than 1 GB.

After trial period expiration, in order to continue using the Pro version you are required to purchase a license which comes in two flavors:

  • ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro - Version 8.xx License - with updates included for all minor version 8.xx releases of the software
  • ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro - Lifetime License - with updates included for all future updates and new versions of the software

Price details for the licenses can be found on the purchase page.